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Updated March 23, 2018

2015 Bentz Pro X 21′   

This boat now has a new home! Please call if you are interested in one like it.


Engine: Kodiak Marine 6.2L86 DI-CA PFI
Jet Unit: Hamilton 212 with 2.9 Kw Turbo Impeller
Length: 21’
Bottom: 6.5’ x .250” with .375 in aft 4’(5086 alloy), delta pad and planing strakes.
Degree Vee: 11 degree, constant
Sides: Approx. 37” tall of .125” (5086 alloy) with 2 vee crimps
Beam: 8.5’
Deg. Vee: 11 degree, constant
Bow Deck: Standard bow, .125” 6061 tread plate
Rear Deck: High deck, self draining diamond tread motor cover lids
Rear Rails: 36” tall, 12” spacing, bolted rails with stainless steel chain across rear
opening. 3 transport rod holders with sturgeon rod holder each side plus
cupholders, powder coated.
Pump Guard: Full width swim platform with pump guard legs and swim deck ladder
Floors: Diamond tread floors
Windshield: 46” tall, welded frame with fixed center windshield and dual access doors.
Windows: Pilot window of lamiglass, access doors of bolt in lexan. Tinted sliding
side windows.
Top: Fixed framed top with marine grade vinyl covering, clear vinyl back
drop. Single dome light, top trays with coat hangars and top rails.
Seating: Pilot suspension seat with fold down jump seats to either side. 4’ bench
seats with backrests aft of these.
Dash: Full instrumentation including engine warning system
Wiper: Pilot Pantograph wiper with control in stick. Passenger wipers to either
side with controls in dash corner.
Steering: Center pilot station
Stick: Right hand control
Controls: Flow Tech manual throttle and shift controls, top mount.
Fuel Cell: Single 90 gallon cross fuel cell, fuel fill splash guard.
Engine Compt: Carpeted storage to either side of engine
Fuel Filters: Engine manufacturer supplied
Blower: 1 – Par 105 bilge blower
Bilge Pumps: 2 – Rule 2000 in engine compartment one with auto float and indicator
light, one manual
Battery: Dual Group 24 batteries with isolator switch mounted forward.
Mufflers: KLS crossover and external muffler
Lights: USCG approved navigation lights
Sand Trap: KLS 150 sand trap

Paint: None—aluminum swirled finish
Powder Coating: Powder coated bench seat bases, stick steering, rear rails, rocket launcher,
top rails, jump seat bases, door wiper covers— Silver T064-GR05

Hardtop viewing window (center opening)

Diamond tread gunnel caps

Hinged Motor cover lids struts, outside storage lids only

Stereo w/2 speakers
Wash down kit

Stereo w/2 speakers
Wash down kit

Carpet Inserts (entire boat except bow)
Windshield Cover