Fall Tip 2017

  While it might be unpleasant to think about it  ‘ol man winter is knocking at the door. Remember last winter?

Are you ready? Is your boat ready?

   Listed below are some things to check to make sure the boat is ready for storage or steelhead season, even if you personally are not.

As far as your trailer is concerned~

Are you brakes functioning correctly?

Have you checked the air pressure and the wear on each of the tires?

How are the wheel bearings? Do they need a bit of grease?

How are the winch strap and safety chains?

Are the bunks in good shape?

and the boat~

Is the service up to date on the main engine and the kicker?

Are the petcocks open to allow the fluids to drain from the manifolds?

How are the coolant levels?

Do the wipers all work correctly?

If you need any assistance in correcting any issues you might have, give WWM a call to schedule an appointment.   (208) 377-5110