Whitewater Marine’s Fabrication is second to none when it comes to aluminum fabrication. With over thirty years of  experience, our shop crew can build new life into your old boat and bring back that shine or fix that bottom grinding  mistake. Custom modifications, additions and repairs are done to your new or old boat with special attention to detail. Our fine reputation has been built on the ability to fabricate or repair the boat of your dreams.

Updated 09/29/2023

Check out some the latest fabrication projects beginning to end below.

Rowdy M. was looking for  vessel to use in low water. If you know Rowdy, you know he wants power and lots of it.  Well, he is should be a happy man. With a 490 power plant engineered by Mike at Valley Crank pushing a Hamilton 212 the smiles should be endless. This older Woolrich handles all that power nicely. With no slide, smooth response on the stick , air ride seats to take out the bounce, Hydro turf,  and a new swim deck, the man has what he wished for.

Brandon L. has made the decision to upgrade his twin. The top is now gone and work is progressing from the messy to the pristine. Follow along as the Oaks hull gets a new lease on life.

Alan P. decided that his well cared for 1987 Weldcraft has earned a few upgrades besides the new Raptor it got  a couple of years ago. So off comes the top, the bulk head, the windshield, and the 5 bar aluminum swim deck  to begin with. An upgrade to these parts and others, plus a center steer will breed another 35 years of life into his pride and joy. The outcome was just what Alan wanted.  Look for him out and about in his beautiful blue boat.

Gary D. said make my 22′ Northwest Jet into a center steer with taller window, a shorter bow, other amenities and most importantly—more power (a 490 built by Valley Crankshaft). Gary has been out on the lake testing out his old “new” boat. In his bride’s words, “Boy, this thing sure has some power!” They are very pleased to say the least. Whitewater Marine was happy to put the smile on their faces with this upgraded beauty.

Tim and Madeleine T. and the girls have taken delivery of their boat. They are over joyed because this thing rocks and turns heads doing it. When Tim hits the throttle you better be ready. The interior turns heads with the classy looking upholstery and lighted cut out rivers.

Thank you to the subcontractors that worked their respective magic. Monty Potter and Eric Peterson on the sharp paint job. Devon from Full Ass Wraps for the graphics.  Allison and company at Coatings Plus for the powder coating. Gus at Custom Canvas was the master of the top canvas and the back drop. The windshield cover as the handy work of Issac at The Cover Shop. The upholstery looks sharp thanks to the great work from Jeremy and the crew at Darrah’s. Jack’s Metal Work did the laser cut outs and James Condon did the laser engraving. Mostly we would like to thank Tim and Madeleine for their patience and input. They are the best customers one could ask for!

Jay C. came to us with the idea of updating his Custom Weld to reflect his desire not to hit his head while exiting the boat. The new taller sides and windows and a hatch should take care of that problem. While we are at it, we just might take a bit off the bow and shorten it up to reflect the current trend.

Mike M. wanted a new hard top with a hatch so we were happy to oblige. One will certainly see him coming with its bright paint job.

Duane T. has a new hard top with a rocket launcher, rails and hatch on his Custom Weld. The windows have been ordered and will be placed along with Hydro Turf as a liner after he has the paint on it. A new look for his old friend. Thanks Duane for trusting WWM to upgrade your boat!

Rick J. decide he would send some love the Hudson’s way.  A new to the boat 6.0, high deck and rails, Hydro turf, step box, flooring, air ride seats, new Honda 9.9 and a couple of upgrades to the trailer will make boating a bit more pleasurable. The Cover Shop II upgraded the vinyl to help make the old new again. Looking sharp!

R.K. has trusted Whitewater Marine to put in two such Garmin marine electronics packages. These will help him safely navigate the waters he frequents.

Kory E. has a new hatch and windows up top to let in the air and light. This will make the boat more functional for his family. The new paint is on and as soon as the tape comes off it will be ready to go home

Rich R. a long time customer, decided to give his attractive 1999 21′ Northwest Jet a few more upgrades besides the new motor that went in last year. He was wanting to exit the boat easily so in goes a hatch. He also wanted the safety of high bow rails for his fishing buddies. On they went. Well, Rich was on a roll when he decided what the heck, let’s add  Hyro Turf in the open bow, a digital dash, a new Yamaha kicker with a Garmin Reactor and an aluminum high deck with seating in the corners. He couldn’t stop himself and added a non-skid powder coated floor. And for a finishing touch~ an airhorn so the wake board boats could hear him. The boat is truly a stunner and is turning even more heads.            (Sorry, it is not for sale.)

Rhoby wanted a new swim deck with a Hydro Turf surface. So we made it happen.

Clarence brought WWM a classic 22 foot open bowed Custom Weld. It will be transformed into a boat that has taller windows, a closed short bow and stick center steer. Notice the double hatch doors to let in air. Clarence has a beautiful boat he can be proud of.

Roman brought a most challenging project to Whitewater Marine. The boat had issues that caused some head scratching but we were confident that we could make her sea worthy again. Riddle Marine sent a new side that was placed into service to make her right again. If you have been checking in on this project, you will notice that she  is back where she belongs, on the water and not in a wrecking yard.

Randy R. is going to have a great boat to catch fish out of. We are shooting for a pre Memorial Day delivery so he can spend the summer on the water.

George S. from Nevada has decided to breed new life into this 2002 Custom Weld once used as a university research vessel. George has done a good deal of research and knows what he wants.