Fabracation 2

Rod B. felt the need for more push to go with his Raptor motor so he looked to WWM to place a Scott Water Jet in his beautiful blue HCM.  This ought to do the trick. To go along with the new pump, he added a new self bailing back deck and a new swim platform.

Spencer P. had the Snake reach up and strike several blows to his BWC. He called on WWM to help him recover the boat and now the team is assigned the job of putting it back on the water. Because the boat spent some time underwater, a new 6.2 LSA power plant will be installed. There is a gnarly gash in the bottom and several dents all of which will be corrected. Other upgrades will be added while it is in the shop so the boat will be better than ever. Because this is what the crew at WWM has done for 30+ years, Spencer is confident that he will have the boat he loves, back soon in tip-top shape. And look at her now! With a new wrap by Eidetic Creations in Meridian she is a beauty once again.

Jon P. bought this unfinished hull to WWM to finish for him. The boat is powered by a Mercury HP 500 that pushes water through an American Turbine SD 309. Jon is going to have a head turner when it is done! More photos will follow.

Steve P. decided a new swim platform was in order.  The crew got to work to make it what he wanted. Steve put Hydro turf on to make a finished look.

Alan P. wanted to spruce up his 1987 Weldcraft and put a more than a few modern touches in place. So he put his trust in us. After placing a new Raptor motor and Hamilton pump in the boat he will defiantly have a smile on his face. Check out the new flooring, rod box,  high deck with Hydro turf and rails along with the new 9.9 Yamaha. One of the best new features the boat has is the Garmin Reactor Kicker, the latest in auto pilot systems. This is a sweet system designed to make a captain’s day on the water a pleasant experience with a wireless remote with a point and go feature. He is going to love it!

Idaho Fish and Game has a need for more boats for fish surveys. One boat has been completed and two more are in the works. We are proud to be able to contribute in a small way to ensure that the fish populations in the state remain at healthy levels. These photos show the lighting system that is necessary to provide the light in order for the biologists to work safely and efficiently.

Tim T. has decided it is time to give Marybelle from Shepp Ranch an overhaul. She will be getting new aluminum floors, new high deck, new rails on the front and back and an updated graphics package. Check back to see Marybelle become the belle of the ball once again.

Doug S. has brought WWM an unfinished boat to help him get it water ready. Check back occasionally to see the progress being made.

WWM has been busy with hard tops this spring. Two of the projects are shown below.

Bill M’s 1987 19 foot Alumaweld is getting an overhaul. Bill is honoring his brother who passed by up dating the boat. This includes a 351 motor, new impellers in the pump, paint and Rhino Lining, floors, seats, a new high deck and rails, top and windshield. This little boat has a new lease on life. His brother would be proud. The boat has been to the water and should be in Bill’s hands very soon.

Tim’s 1982 Oaks is one of the latest to under go a transformation. Tim decided that he wanted more visibility in order to avoid a disability.  The new higher pitched windshield that has been moved forward to shorten the bow and taller windows will help him to avoid just that. Tim loves his boat. Just ask him!

Shane is converting his 22 foot Northwest Jet into his dream boat. He is going to have a great view of the river with a center steer configuration. The graphics are on and he is ready to take it to the water.

Skip’s Boat is a Northwest Jet that has been converted to a center steer. The new hard top has a refined look to it. The new big windows will give a wide open view of the world as Skip cruises up the Salmon.  The boat is back on the water with a happy owner.

Wyatt’s boat is sporting a new hard top. This is a welcome addition that will add many hours of comfort to his fishing trips.

The Idaho Fish and Game shock boat serves an important role in fish management. The folks at Fish and Game had specific needs in mind when they came to WWM with this fabrication project. The project includes an electrical system that can handle the LED lights that cover the entire surface of the boat. The console provides the captain with the necessary control that is essential to getting the job done. Storage is found throughout the boat to protect the equipment from the elements. The high rails provide stability for the crew as they work.

Andy has a boat to be proud of. The boat has the visibility he was looking for when he made the choice to revamp it to meet his needs.

Tony’s boat is built on a Custom Weld hull. The boat turned out just as he wanted. He is now enjoying it on the rivers of Idaho.

Mick’s boat is built on a Custom Weld hull. It is a center steer powered by a Ford 460 and a Hamilton 212. It has a high deck, high rails, and diamond plate floors.

Dennis’s boat is built on a 1990 Oaks hull. This boat is a pleasure to drive and look at.

Jim’s boat is built on a 1992 Oaks hull. Check out this transformation, before, during and after.

Bill’s boat is built on a new 21′ Riddle hull. This boat took nine months to complete working during his spare time. This boat was designed to run the Salmon River. This boat is full of  features including center stick steering, steep pitched Lexan front windows for visibility, tinted side windows, all powder coated aluminum flooring, high deck and powder coated high rails. The power train is a stroked 383 put together by Mike Herring at Valley Crank in Boise. This motor, with plenty of torque, pushes a Hamilton 212 pump.

Update- the 383 went to a new home when Anne sold it to a gent looking for more power. Now what? Our man, Mike, built a torque making 490 to put an even bigger smile on Bill’s face.

“If you can imagine it, we can fabricate it!”